AHCL 33.71 0.71 (2.06%) | AICL 72.5 3.26 (4.3%) | BAFL 17.38 0.14 (0.81%) | BYCO 9.83 0.44 (4.28%) | DCL 4.5 0.04 (0.88%) | DGKC 40.9 1.02 (2.43%) | EFOODS 67.1 1.73 (2.51%) | ENGRO 106.5 1.31 (1.25%) | EPCL 11.89 0.08 (0.68%) | FATIMA 24.8 0.12 (0.49%) | FCCL 6.23 0.11 (1.74%) | FFBL 42.1 1.07 (2.61%) | FFC 117 0.15 (0.13%) | HUBC 39.01 0.08 (0.21%) | ICIBL 1.06 0.19 (21.84%) | JSCL 16.75 0.16 (0.95%) | JSIL 9.55 0.19 (1.95%) | LPCL 4.42 0.27 (5.76%) | LUCK 126.19 1.12 (0.88%) | PAEL 6.35 0.55 (9.48%) | PAKRI 17.14 0.22 (1.30%) | PTC 15.39 0.63 (3.93%) | TRG 4.05 0.51 (14.41%) |


Online Trading The combination of a booming equity market, stable economic fundamentals, proliferation of information technology, and the Company’s commitment to providing its customers with outstanding financial services has resulted in the establishment of

Online trading - a division formed with the intention of providing retail and institutional investors the requisite tools, applications and business process to enter into the exciting world of online trading in Pakistan. With a strategy, which stresses one-to-one personalized marketing Online, ensures each customer a unique experience in online trading. It utilizes the latest in computer hardware/software, onsite/offsite backup procedures and security measures to provide customers with the most reliable, and secure infrastructure for online trading in Pakistan. All of these features combined with its ability to provide real time access to news, information and market updates, distinguish Online from its competitors. While still in its inception stages, Online has invested significant resources in its business strategy, and intends to achieve leadership status in online trading, through its specialized products and services in the coming years.


  • Vtrade

    is a unique and revolutionary Online trading application for all your financial decision making offering fast, reliable and timely information. You can now invest with ease through Vtrade as it brings the PSX at your fingertips.

    Click Here to download Vtrade (Online Trading Application)


    For Windows XP Users, Vtrade Trading Application requires .Net framework (minimum v2.0) as well as Windows 3.1 Installer, If .Net framework or Windows 3.1 Installer is not installed on your computer please click below links to download the specific Pre-req.
    Net Framework ver 2.0.5
    . Windows 3.1 Installer
    To better understand the Trading Software Please click on Vtrade User Manual


    Vtrade Features Include

    Real-time market quotes - Live market quotes are available to all AGL Online clients during market hours even with a normal internet dial-up connection.


    Universal access to your AGL Online Account - You can stay in touch with your investments wherever you are, at a click of a button away.


    Secure Transactions - Security and confidentiality are the foremost cardinal principals at AGL. Now you can trade with ease as online trading with AGL online trading system is equipped with a multi layer system for customer verification and authorization. A User Id, Password and PIN Code helps make it virtually impossible for a non-authorized person to tap into any customers account.


    Real-time portfolio updates and trade executions - Instantaneous confirmations on what securities you have bought or sold just a click away.


    Real-Time Risk Management - Your investments will be safe with our state of the art real-time risk management system giving you time to worry about other things in life.


  • KiTs- TradeCast

    TradeCast client is a trading application which connects with the TradeCast Server. It shows buying and selling rate of shares with respect to its symbol. Within its Market Watch, it contains more detailed information about each share. The user can buy or sell their shares through this application.Furthermore, the user can keep an eye on activities happening in the market. The detailed information about the features of TradeCast Client is described below.


Click Here to download KiTs - Trade Cast (Online Trading Application)


To better understand the Trading Cast Please click on KiTs -Trade Cast User Manual


To better understand the Trading Cast Please click on KiTs -Trade Cast User Installation Guide


Online Trading Things you should know

Common Terms Used in Online Trading


What is Margin? and What are the Margin Requirements


How order placement is done?


Online Order Execution Flow


Order Settlement Flow


Order Cancellation Procedure (In case of unavailbility of Online Trading)

Procedure for order cancellation